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Elliot Chang awarded Smith Newton Scholar


Elliot Chang ’16, Newton Family Scholar

Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Research Topic: The Use of Alginate and Chitosan to Purify Leaf Distillates of Organic Contaminants
Adviser: Adam Wolf, research associate, ecology and evolutionary biology

Chang’s research will focus on developing more accurate measurements in isotopic analysis through the use of cleaner distillates (without organic contamination). Through this process, his goal is to improve the ability to predict the impact of climate change on tree survival. Over the next two years, he will investigate the effectiveness of alginate-chitosan hybridized beads. He hypothesizes that these reusable beads are a more effective and economical method of purifying pine and other organic compound distillates. For this project, Chang will draw upon the knowledge and skills gained through coursework and two Grand Challenges internships.


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