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Guan, K., Pan, M., Wolf, A., Li, H., Caylor, K.K., Medvigy, D., Sheffield, J., Wood, E.F., Aloysius, N. Contrasting photosynthesis cycles reveal geographical differences in global tropical evergreen forests. In Review.

Wolf, A., Lichstein, J.W., Pacala, S.A., Berry, J.A. Geometric Optics of Closed Forest Canopies.  Remote Sensing of Environment, In Revision.

Wolf, A., Anderegg, W.R.L., Zimmermann, N.B., Busby, P., Christensen, J. California’s endemic flora is disproportionately affected by 20th century warming. In Revision.


20. Doughty, C.E., Wolf, A., Malhi, Y. (2013) The impact of large animal extinctions on nutrient fluxes in early river valley civilizations.Ecosphere 4(12):148. 


19. Doughty, C.E., Wolf, A., Malhi, Y. (2013) The legacy of the Pleistocene megafauna extinctions on nutrient availability in Amazonia.  Nature Geosciences doi: 10.1038/ngeo1895

Press: BBC News   Nature News & Views  The Independent  Scientific American  New Scientist

18. Wolf, A., Doughty, C.E., Malhi, Y. (2013) Lateral diffusion of nutrients by mammalian herbivores in terrestrial ecosystems. Plos ONE 8(8): e71352. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0071352.

17. Berry, J.A., Wolf, A., Campbell, J.E., Baker, B.,Blake, N., Blake, D., Denning, A.S., Kawa, S.R., Montzka, S.A., Seibt, U., Stimler, K., Yakir, D., Zhu, Z.(2013) A Coupled Model of the Global Cycles of Carbonyl Sulfide and CO2: A Possible New Window on the Carbon Cycle. JGR-Biogeosciences 118: 1–11, doi:10.1002/jgrg.20068.


16. Guan, K., Wolf, A., Wood, E. F., Medvigy, D., Caylor, K. K. and Pan, M. (2012). Seasonal coupling of canopy structure and function in African tropical forests and their environmental controls. Ecosphere 4 art(35).


15. Wolf, Anderegg, Ryan, Christensen, Robust Detection of Species Range Shifts Under Biased Sampling of Herbarium Specimens (2011). Ecosphere, 2:115 doi:10.1890/ES11-00162.1.

14. Wolf, Anderegg. (2011) Comment on Crimmins et al. “Changes in Climatic Water Balance Drive Downhill Shifts in Plant Species Optimum Elevations”. Science, 344:177 doi:10.1126/science.1204607

13. Wolf, A., CiaisP., Bellassen, V., Field, C.B., Berry, J.A. (2011) Forest biomass allometry in global land surface models. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, v. 25, gb3015, doi:10.1029/2010gb003917

12. Parazoo, N., Denning, S., Berry, J.A. Wolf, A., Randall, D., Kawa, S.R., Pauluis, O., Doney, S.C.C. (2011) Moist synoptic transport of CO2 along the mid-latitude storm track. Geophysical Research Letters 38:L09804. DOI:10.1029/2011GL047238


11. Doughty, C., Wolf, A. (2010) Detecting tree-like multicellular life on extrasolar planets. J Astrobiology, 10 (9): 869-879. DOI: 10.1089/ast.2010.0495

 Press: Astrobiology Magazine  New Scientist  Universe Today

10. Dybzinski, R., Farrior, C., Wolf A., Reich P.B., Pacala S.W. (2010). ESS carbon allocation to foliage, wood, and fine roots in trees competing for light and nitrogen: an analytically-tractable, individual-based model and quantitative comparisons to data. The American Naturalist. 117: 153-156.

Press: Faculty of 1000  The New York Times

9. Wolf, A., Field, C.B., Berry, J.A. (2010) Allometric growth and allocation in forests: a perspective from Fluxnet. Ecological Applications. doi:10.1890/10-1201.1

8. Moffett, K. B. Wolf, A., Gorelick, S. M. (2010) Salt marsh – atmosphere exchange of energy, water vapor, and carbon dioxide: biophysical controls and effects tidal flooding. Water Resources Research. 46: W10525, doi:10.1029/2009WR009041

7. Doughty, C., Wolf, A, Field, C.B. (2010) Biophysical feedbacks between the mega-fauna extinction and climate: The first human induced global warming. Geophysical Research Letters 37: L15703, doi:10.1029/2010GL04398537.

Press: The Economist  Science  Faculty of 1000

6. De Gryze, S., Wolf, A., Kaffka, S.R., Mitchell, J., Rolston, D.E., Temple, S.R., Lee, J., Six, J. (2010) Simulating greenhouse gas budgets of four California cropping systems under conventional and alternative management. Ecol App, 20(7): 1805-1819, doi:10.1890/09-0772

5. Wolf, A. Asner, G.P., Berry, J.A. (2010) Allometric constraints on sources of variability in multi-angle reflectance measurements. Remote Sens Env., 114:1205-1219.

2009 and before

4. Vuichard, N., Ciais, P., Wolf, A. (2009) Abandoned Soviet farmlands: a new opportunity for biofuel production? Environ Sci Technol, 43 (22): 8678–8683

Press: American Chemical Society

3. Wolf, A, and Saliendra, N.Z., Akshalov, K.A., Johnson, D.A., Laca, E.A. (2008) Effects of different eddy covariance correction schemes on energy balance closure and comparisons with the Modified Bowen Ratio system. Ag For Met. 148: 942–952

2. Wolf, A, and E.A. Laca (2007) Cospectral analysis of high frequency signal loss in eddy covariance measurements. Atm Chem Phys Disc, ACPD-2007-0323

1. Wolf, A., Akshalov, K.A., Saliendra N.Z, Johnson D., Laca E.A. (2006).  Inverse Estimation of LAI, Vcmax, and the Ball-Berry Parameter from carbon and water flux measurements. J. Geophys Res. vol 111, D08S08


Popular Science Publications

Adam Wolf (2008) “The Big Thaw“. Stanford Magazine.




Conference Abstracts


Wolf, A., Weng, E., Shevliakova, E., Malyshev, S., Pacala, S. (2013). Implementation of diverse tree hydraulics in a land surface model.  AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco.

Gerlein, C., Wolf, A., Caylor, K.K. (2013) Stable isotopes in plant physiology: using water isotopes to study water fluxes in a temperate forest. AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco.

Wolf, A., Caylor, K.K. (2013) Drought prediction and ecological monitoring with the Internet of Things. O’Reilly Strata Conference: Making Data Work. New York.

Siegfried, B. Wolf, A., Caylor, K.K., Sheffield, J., Wood, E.F., Gosset, M., Cazanave, F. (2013). Development and field deployment of real-time precipitation sensors using cell-phone communications. 11th International Precipitation Conference, Wageningen University, Netherlands.

Wolf, A., Siegfried, B., O’Connor, M., Caylor, K.K. (2013). PULSE: The Princeton Low-cost Sensor Effort.  Wireless Intelligent Sensor Networks (Wisenet), Duke University.

Herrera Estrada, J.E., Wolf, A., Chaney, N., Sheffield, J. (2013). Network design for the deployment of wireless low-cost sensors for drought monitoring. Wireless Intelligent Sensor Networks (Wisenet), Duke University.

Guan, K., Estes, L., Wolf, A., Caylor, K.K., Pan, M., Oudemans, P., Lathrop, R. (2013) High-resolution ecosystem monitoring in both time and space by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) based sensing system. Am Soc Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Annual Meeting, Baltimore.


Wolf, A, Falusi, J., Caylor, K.K., Sheffield, J., Wood, E.F. (2012) A GSM-based surface meteorology network in service of improved African hydrological data assimilation and drought forecasting. AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco (Oral Session).

Wolf, A., Anderegg, W.R.L., Busby, P.E., Zimmerman, N., Christensen, J. (2012) Widespread plant movement in response to 20th century warming disproportionately affects endemic species. Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Portland.


Wolf, A. (2011). Alice in the Golden State: Chasing the elusive Regina rubra. Lane Center for the American West workshop on environmental visualization. Stanford CA.

Wolf, A. (2011) A small device for monitoring thermal sensitivity of individual tree crowns. AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco


Berry, J.A., Wolf A. (2010) Implementation of Forest Allometry in models of carbon cycle processes and reflectance properties of forest canopies: First steps toward a system for data assimilation of the carbon cycle at regional and continental scales. AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco (Invited, Oral Session).

Wolf, A., Berry, J.A., Asner, G.P. (2010) Data Assimilation of Forest Ecology from Modis Parallax. NASA Terrestrial Ecology team meeting. San Diego, CA.

2009 and before

Wolf, A., Berry, J.A. (2009) Allometry in global models: an important reality check on the growth and biomass of forests. AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco (Oral session).

Wolf, A., Berry, J.A., Asner, G.P. (2008) Allometric constraints to inversion of canopy structure from remote sensing. AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco (Oral Session).

Berry, J.A. et al. (2008) Constraining the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle With Atmospheric Measurements of Carbonyl Sulfide. AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco.

Berry et al. (2008) Analyzing Gross Primary Production and Respiration of Terrestrial Ecosystems Using a Global Carbon Cycle Model That Includes Carbonyl Sulfide. NASA Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems meeting, Adelphi MD.

Wolf, A., Berry, J.A., Asner, G.P. (2008) Sequential data assimilation of canopy attributes from multispectral bidirectional reflectance. NASA Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems meeting, Adelphi MD.

Wolf, A., Berry, J.A., Asner, G.P. (2008) Sequential data assimilation of canopy attributes from multispectral bidirectional reflectance.  EGU Spring Meeting, Vienna.

Wolf, A., I. Baker, J.A. Berry et al. (2008) Testing of a global carbon cycle model that includes Carbonyl Sulfide (COS). European Geophysical Union General Meeting, Vienna, Austria.

Wolf, A., Hirsch A., Helliker, B., Stohl, A., Berry, J. (2007) Making use of surface layer and ABL concentration measurements for regional flux analysis. NACP meeting, Boulder CO.

Wolf, A. (2007) Major hypotheses for Eurasian hydrologic change.  IARC expert workshop on Eurasian hydrologic change. Fairbanks, AK.

Wolf, A. (2006). A contrary view of energy balance non-closure in eddy covariance: loss of heat flux in the high frequency cospectrum. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco CA.

Wolf, A., B. Helliker, J.A. Berry (2005).  Estimating Mean Boundary Layer Turnover from Radon Concentration to Retrieve Surface Fluxes of CO2. International Carbon Dioxide Conference, Boulder CO.

Wolf, A., J.W. Six, D. Rolston, J. Mitchell, J. Hopmans, R. Howitt (2005) Adapting Century and DNDC for California.  Kearney Foundation of Soil Science Annual Meeting, Davis CA.

Wolf, A., J.W. Six, D. Rolston (2005). Spanning the Experimental Divide: Using Data at Multiple Spatial Scales to Better Constrain Gas Exchange Models. Third USDA Symposium on Greenhouse Gases & Carbon Sequestration in Agriculture and Forestry, Baltimore MD.

Berry, J.A. and A. Wolf (2004) Stomatal Conductance in Boreal Forest Species:  Do Species Differ and Does it Matter? American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco CA.

Wolf, A. (2004) Inverse Estimation of LAI, Vcmax, and the Ball-Berry Parameter from carbon and water flux measurements. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco CA.

Wolf, A. (2001) Равнина ли Целина? (Is Kazakhstan flat?) Wind erosion after the Virgin Lands Campaign.  Global Livestock Collaborative Research Support Program Annual Meeting, Sierra de Manatlan, Jalisco Mexico

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