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PulsePod Production Ramps Up

May was a busy month getting the circuit boards etched and assembled, waterjetting the aluminum brackets, laser cutting the gaskets, injection molding tooling for sensor board assemblies, taking shipment of batteries and solar panels from china . . . and that doesn’t include any code for the smart sensors! Here’s some pics of the various goodies.

3.5mm 4-connector plugs from Boundless Love, Inc (Hong Kong)


Waterjet bracket for the pod courtesy of Bill Dix at the Princeton Physics machine shop. Laserjet cutting of neoprene gaskets courtesy of Princeton school of Architecture.


Universal injection molded housing for our sensors. Holes are cut to accomodate translucent domes or mesh for different sensors. The heat-staking station bonds the plastics for weatherproofing instead of gluing them together.


A parma ham from Florida. Actually our vacuforming machine from Sibe Automation. 



Vacuformed styrene for the main pod body and the raincap on top.


The completed pod! With 5 sensors attached – IR thermometer for canopy temperature, NDVI, PAR (up & down), longwave radiation (up & down), and humidity/temperature/pressure.




This entry was posted on June 30, 2014 .